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Chiropractic Care

At the Life Balance Medical Center, we have expertise in identifying the underlying cause of your health issue. Our primary objective is to facilitate the synchronization of your spine and other bodily functions. In order to achieve this, we will devise a tailored treatment plan to enhance your overall physical well-being.

Our top priority is to restore your health in the shortest possible time. We will assess your progress after each session, to ensure that every visit is a step forward. Regardless of the cause of your injury, we will employ safe and comfortable techniques to aid in your recovery.

Chiropractic Care in Roscoe

Greetings! We are delighted to have you at Life Balance Medical Center located in Roscoe. Our topmost priority is to identify the fundamental reasons behind our patients' health concerns. Given the significant amount of stress that we all face on a daily basis, it is vital to discover effective methods to help our bodies tackle it directly and with ease. Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to working with you!

Finding Balance

Our mission is centered around restoring balance to your body, and we are committed to achieving this goal through all that we do. We recognize that many individuals are unfamiliar with the concept of holistic body balance, which is why we provide educational resources on the different stressors that can negatively impact your overall well-being, including physical, chemical, and emotional stress. By addressing these stressors, we can help bring your body back into balance.

Whether you're struggling with chronic joint pain, frequent headaches, or excess weight, stress is likely a major contributing factor. Rather than waiting for illness to strike, it's crucial to prioritize your body's efficiency and proactively work to prevent sickness.

At our center, we offer a variety of services to support your journey towards optimal health. We believe that it's never too late to make positive changes and take charge of your well-being. Let's start a conversation about how we can assist you on this path. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your best possible health. Here's to a bright and healthy future!

Conditions Treated

Back Pain

Neck Pain



Shoulder pain


Bulging Disc


Degenerative Joint Disease


And much more

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Struggling to shed the pounds? Your weight affects more than just your appearance. Don't risk your health! Dr Arn, a certified Digestive Health Professional, can help you lose weight by improving your nutrition, managing stress and addressing underlying medical issues. Let's get started today!

Managing your diet

The food you consume plays a crucial role in determining the success or failure of your weight loss efforts. Calories are a unit of measurement for the energy obtained from the foods you eat. Consuming protein-rich foods not only fills you up, but also provides the necessary nutrients to keep you going throughout the day. While striving for a well-balanced diet and appropriate caloric intake, it's advisable to steer clear of high-calorie foods. Sugary drinks and processed fatty foods are some of the primary culprits behind weight gain. It's important to plan your meals and nutrition to achieve successful weight loss. Contrary to popular belief, eating healthily doesn't mean sacrificing flavor. There are countless recipes available that provide both delicious and nutritious meals.

How exercise works

For successful weight loss, it's important to combine diet and exercise. What this essentially means is that you need to expend more energy than you take in. Our bodies possess the natural ability to burn calories in order to provide us with the energy we need to lead healthy lives. By adding exercise to your daily routine, you can not only burn additional calories to promote weight loss, but you can also build muscle mass in the process. Having more muscle leads to increased calorie burning, which is a great way to amplify your weight loss efforts and get into better shape. Ultimately, the best way to maximize weight loss and become healthier is to achieve a balanced lifestyle with a healthy diet, nutritional intake, and adequate exercise.

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Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an approved electric therapy that boosts the production of ATP in cells, which is the substance cells use for functions and healing. Research studies have shown that this therapy can increase ATP production by up to 500%, as well as increase protein synthesis and amino acid transport. This ultimately leads to faster healing rates at a cellular level. Additionally, Frequency Specific Microcurrent has been found to improve blood circulation, collagen and elastin production, making it a great anti-aging method. Specific frequencies are used to target various tissues in the body. It works similar to a TENS unit by stimulating the area and blocking chemical pain responses, reducing inflammation and flooding cells with ATP, which helps the body heal and repair itself naturally.


To use Frequency Specific Microcurrent, sensors will be placed on specific areas of your body and the machine will be programmed with tailored frequencies to target the problematic areas and tissues. The current used is so small that it cannot be felt, but it is powerful enough to cause a cellular change. The machine will be set to run through a specific sequence of frequencies, which are customized to your particular needs. This allows the therapy to effectively address the specific issues in your body and promote healing.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

In 1995, Dr. Carolyn McMakin created Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) by using frequencies that she received from an osteopath in Canada. The osteopath had an old machine from the 1920s. Dr. McMakin established treatment protocols for myofascial pain in 1996 and presented her research data at the American Back Society meeting in 1997. She published a paper on the treatment of chronic resistant myofascial pain in 1998, among other published FSM papers. Her textbook, "Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management," was recently published by Elsevier. In 1997, Dr. McMakin started teaching FSM to determine if its effects were reproducible. By June 1997, it was apparent that they were, and her seminars have grown to become a three-day intensive class that teaches frequency protocols, pain generators' differential diagnosis, and neurological conditions. The frequencies used in FSM were developed in the early 1900s and were used with unconventional-looking electronic equipment that fell out of use in the 1940s. Microcurrent, a physical therapy modality powered by batteries, was introduced in Europe and the USA in the 1980s. Microcurrent devices emit frequencies and current in millionths of an amp, and research studies have shown that they can increase ATP production in cells by up to 500%.

Regenerate response

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In the 21st Century, people and animals are continually exposed to damaging electromagnetic fields (EMF), limiting their exposure to Earth’s vital pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF). Pulsed Harmonix’s TruePulse A2000 releases a series of carefully-timed pulses that closely resemble earth’s naturally occuring PEMFs, revitalizing body tissue at the cellular level.


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) is recognized around the world for its remarkable healing abilities in both humans and animals. PEMFT uses a gentle electrical current to direct a series of magnetic pulses through damaged tissue, inducing tiny electrical signals that stimulate cellular repair.

How the A2000 Works:

The A2000 pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) device produces a magnetic field in its applicator coils that varies over time, pulsing like a heartbeat to provide a therapeutic effect.

The Magnetic Field:

The A2000s applicator coil produces the magnetic current behind each pulse, a microprocessor times the current, and the user adjusts the intensity via the control panel.

Current & the Magnetic Field:

The magnetic field is proportional to the current in the applicator wire: a zero current results in zero fields, and a high current produces a high magnetic field; double the current, and you double the field.

Adjusting Intensity:

To adjust the intensity of each pulse, select the intensity “Increase”
or “Decrease”buttons on the A2000 control panel.

The energy needed to drive each pulse accumulates at a constant rate, and the energy of each pulse is proportional to the time between pulses, i.e., the longer the time between pulses, the stronger the pulse.

The Gentle “Clicking” Sound:

The peak current in each pulse causes the coil wires to slap together creating a light ticking sound. These pulses are brief, lasting 1 to 2 thousandth of a second, regardless of intensity.

Binding the Coils

By design, only the applicator’s coil has a strong directed magnetic field; the twisted leads do not have a significant field since they are close together and the flow of current is opposite in each lead, canceling the magnetic field. The coil’s field strength is proportional to the number of wire turns forming the coil, e.g., double the turns and you double the field, all-else being equal.

Heat Production:

During pulsing operation, the higher the pulse current, the higher the heat produced in the copper wire: double the current and four times as much heating energy goes into the applicator. The longer the pulsing, the warmer the applicator coil will get. It never gets hot but it warms to the touch. This can be soothing heat for the application area, similar to a heating pad.

Optimal Intensity:

When using PEMF therapy for the first time, it is important to begin at a low level, as every person responds differently. Initial users are encouraged to use the default Level 3 Intensity for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening for three days before increasing the strength and duration of sessions. Duration and intensity determine how much magnetic energy users absorb, e.g., double the length time or the intensity and you double the energy absorption. In fact, there is a 50 to 1 difference in the peak pulse energy between the Level 1 and the Level 15 intensity, e.g., the Intensity is approximately double for each two steps up in intensity.

Session Duration:

Most users easily tolerate up to an hour of treatment. High intensities have a pronounced impact on inflammation, and the histamine response to injury. Higher intensities also allow for shorter sessions. For a given outcome, higher intensity often enables a shortening of the session time.

Dual Usage:

When two people are using the same device, higher intensities, e.g. three steps higher,
will evenly distribute the shared energy. This is accomplished by utilizing the dual applicator.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields—A Countermeasure for Bone Loss and Muscle Atrophy

“Currently, there is a critical need to develop effective countermeasures for bone loss and muscle atrophy to enable future human space exploration to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Progressive muscle atrophy can lead to weakness, fatigue, the inability to perform efficiently assigned tasks, and compromised emergency egress operations. Bone loss causes increased risk of bone fracture and kidney stones, which can also negatively affect mission objectives and success….” – Space Life Sciences

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If surgery is not a viable choice for alleviating pain, or if previous treatments have proven ineffective, regenerative medicine techniques may offer a solution. Life Balance Medical Center, located in Roscoe, IL and staffed by leading pain-relief specialists, can assess your suitability for this approach. Regenerative medicine is a comprehensive alternative treatment that can benefit those who suffer from chronic pain in their knees, shoulders, arthritis, and many other conditions. You can book a consultation for regenerative medicine either online or by phone.

What is regenerative medicine?

Life Balance Medical Center employs regenerative medicine, which employs Human Cellular Tissue Products (HCTPs) to facilitate the body's self-healing. HCTPs, containing powerful elements such as hyaluronic acid, mesenchymal stem cells, growth factors, cytokines, and exosomes, are supplied to patients to promote regenerative healing.

The growth factors in the HCTPs are able to stimulate cell growth in the injected area, which can lead to the formation of new tissues in the following weeks. As a result, damaged or injured areas may be treated without the need for surgery.

Which areas can be treated with regenerative medicine?

The use of amniotic allograft treatments in regenerative medicine is advantageous for the treatment of numerous bone and soft tissue conditions, such as arthritis. Injections of these treatments can help facilitate healing in the following areas:







How long does regenerative medicine take to work?

Since regenerative medicine stimulates the production of new tissues within the body, it may take some time for the treatment to take effect. The time frame for improvement varies from patient to patient, with some individuals experiencing a significant reduction in pain levels within two months, while others report improvement in just a few weeks. The rate at which the body responds to the treatment will determine the extent and duration of the improvement.

Will I need more than one treatment with regenerative medicine?

The likelihood of undergoing repeat treatment would depend on the severity of your injury and the pace of your recovery. If you don't observe noticeable progress after several months, or if there isn't a substantial improvement in your condition, your doctor may recommend additional treatment to augment healthy tissue growth. During your consultation and assessment appointment, your doctor can provide you with further details on what to expect.

Do the regenerative medicine injections hurt?

Since they are administered through injections, you may experience some stinging, but it typically subsides within a few seconds. While some patients report a transient burning sensation, the discomfort is brief and fades quickly.




It is the combination of 2 sciences: Physics and Chemistry

The creation of the Nobel Prize-winning Blue Light LED Diodes in physics made it feasible to control photons with a specific frequency that can serve as a delivery system for harmonic information.

Advanced knowledge of chemistry enabled the combination of hundreds of botanical extracts, medicinal mushrooms, Chinese herbs, and other synthetic compounds into stable, long-lasting solutions.

Bio-Photonics integrates the positive effects of light therapy with the healing properties of botanicals, herbs, and synthetic compounds to address various health conditions.

Bio-photonics is an emerging field of scientific exploration that employs light and other forms of radiant energy to observe, detect, and manipulate biological materials, revealing the inner workings of cells and tissues in living organisms.


Botanical extracts are contained within vials or tubes that the photon (light) passes through, picking up the botanicals' harmonic vibrations. This photon then serves as a delivery system for the botanical energies, transmitting them into the body. The body responds as if the botanicals were physically present.

Almost 20 years ago, Michael Thomas, an inventor, master chemist, and botanist, postulated that passing photons through vials of botanical solutions would enable light to absorb the healing information of the botanicals and deliver them to the body's tissues and/or drinking water.

The body assimilates Bio-Photonic Therapy energies like a plant absorbing sunlight.

These harmonic energies then enter the body through what Michael Thomas believes are divine sources. The body instinctively knows how to utilize these energies and initiates self-healing responses.

Photonic/botanical harmonic energies increase cellular communication. The body knows how to employ these energies and distribute them for optimal healing. Light and botanicals are not curative. Instead, the body's innate ability to self-heal is the miracle; it employs supplied energies from every conceivable source to assist in the healing process.


Supports the body in regulating the immune system. Promotes Longevity and General Wellness. Supports the body in management of pain and inflammation. Assists in stress reduction and promotes a calming sensation that can be immediate and can last 6-12 hours. A feeling of renewed vigor and vitality lasting for days. Flushes out the dead pathogens. Supports emotional, mental and neurological well-being.


Ionic detox foot bath systems for single users offer a way to naturally reap the benefits of negative ions. The process works by using electrolysis to break water down into its components, including the hydrogen anion which is key for its detoxifying effects. Excessive free radicals, which are unstable chemicals formed in the body during normal metabolism or exposure to toxins, can cause cells to age prematurely and even lead to certain diseases like cancer. Free radicals are positively charged and reactive, and can cause a chain reaction of damage to cells. By introducing negative hydrogen ions into the body through ionic detox, they act as antioxidants and neutralize free radicals. This process allows the body's natural detoxification process to work more effectively and eliminates toxins through urination, defecation, and perspiration. In summary, ionic detox is a natural way to support the body's detoxification process and neutralize harmful free radicals.

Ionic detox has been known to:

Remove toxins, free radicals and body waste products that can cause health problems (In an Aug. ’04 study by Carlos A. Lopez-Moreno, MD, there was a significant deposit of urea, creatinine and glucose in the foot basin in 12 patients with chronic illnesses.)

In a 2008 study by Center for Research Strategies,31 participants underwent ionic detox two times per week for 12 weeks. The amount of aluminum and arsenic in their blood was measured before and after the 12 weeks. The average blood aluminum level decreased by 46% from 79.8 ppb (parts per billion) to 43.1 ppb. The average blood arsenic level decreased 24% from 4.6 ppb to 3.5 ppb.

In a 2002 study by Doctor’s Data in St. Charles, IL, there was an average increase in toxic metals found in the foot basin from nine independent sessions. Here is a list of metals that increased in concentration: Copper: 905%, Aluminum 339%, Lead 233%, Iron 174%, Manganese 140%, Antimony 128%, Cadmium 119%

Raise pH levels. Approximately 95% of people experience a state of acidity in which their blood pH is lower than 7.45, indicating an excess of hydrogen ions. This makes an ideal breeding ground for worms, parasites, microorganisms and other critters that lower body function and cause disease.

Inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus

Relieve pain and tension including headaches

Purify the blood and lymph

Increase peripheral circulation

Stimulate and balance the immune system

Enhance nutrient absorption

Reduce inflammation and unwanted fluid retention

Help clear up skin

Assist in weight loss

Slow down aging and improve body flexibility

Quicken recovery time from disease or injury

Increase oxygen in the body

Rejuvenate and energize your whole body

Improve sleep


Functional medicine is a healthcare approach that is tailored to an individual's specific needs and considers all aspects of their health in order to prevent, manage, and treat complex chronic diseases. It combines different models of healthcare, including integrative, holistic, conventional, and naturopathic, to provide a comprehensive and effective approach to healthcare that addresses the underlying causes of disease. This approach is considered to be one of the most advanced and complete forms of healthcare available in the 21st century.

The concept of "functional medicine" is a recent development, which has emerged as research has identified a range of modifiable factors that impact our daily health risks. The medical community has come to understand that imbalances or deficiencies in essential fats, minerals, nutrients, or chemicals can disrupt the body's biological systems, resulting in the onset of disease.

The allopathic approach of using pharmaceutical drugs to treat or suppress symptoms in every patient is failing. This is why the patient trend is moving towards more alternative approaches to health. The added dimension of functional medicine allows us to dive deeper into the body’s multiple complexities within our natural world. It is necessary to take into account the mind, body and spirit connection to fully assess a patient’s health no matter what form of care you are utilizing. Functional medicine is often confused with terms like holistic, integrative, and natural medicine. Many use these terms interchangeably, but they are quite different.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is a contemporary medical approach that focuses on the interplay between an individual's genetics, environment, and lifestyle to diagnose and treat ailments. It represents an advancement in healthcare that caters to the needs of the current era. The underlying objective is to change the perspective of medical practice from merely treating diseases to treating individuals who have them. Functional medicine considers the holistic needs of a person and not just a specific set of symptoms. While symptom alleviation is a short-term solution, identifying the underlying cause of the symptoms is the key to optimal health outcomes for patients. Functional medicine practitioners invest time in understanding their patients by examining their medical history, listening to their health concerns, and assessing the interplay between genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. This approach aids in the management of chronic illnesses and long-term health issues. Essentially, functional medicine provides tailored support for each individual to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Why Do We Need Functional Medicine?

The prevalence of complex and chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, and mental health issues is on the rise in our society. However, the acute care typically provided by physicians only targets the patient's immediate complaint, without necessarily addressing the root cause of the problem. This approach relies heavily on treatments such as drugs or surgery that offer temporary relief.

Regrettably, this method of care lacks the necessary framework and resources to prevent and manage illnesses effectively. It often overlooks the unique genetic makeup and lifestyle factors of each individual, and further research is needed to demonstrate its effectiveness. Moreover, many physicians are not sufficiently equipped to evaluate the underlying causes of chronic diseases or provide nutrition, diet, and exercise support to their patients to prevent illnesses.

How is Functional Medicine Different?

Functional medicine seeks to comprehend the root causes, prevention, and treatment of chronic ailments. A significant characteristic of this approach is the emphasis on the patient's needs. Rather than simply treating illnesses, functional medicine concentrates on patient-centered care and promoting overall health. To achieve this, functional medicine practitioners adopt an innovative approach, exploring the patient's medical history, physiology, lifestyle, and genetic makeup while also taking into account both internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors that affect optimal health.

This medical approach also delves into the underlying cause of the patient's condition, seeking to determine the "why" behind their complaint. In this regard, it often requires extensive examination and treatments that aim to improve the functioning of the body and its organs.


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