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Thyroid Hashimoto’s, hypo-thyroid and more!

Let’s talk about your Thyroid today. Contrary to what your primary care provider says, a TSH is NOT a marker of thyroid FUNCTION. It is actually an indication of PITUITARY function. The fact that most providers only check a TSH or what they call a full thyroid panel of TSH with T4 reflex. There are more than 10 different markers to see what your thyroid or the energy system in your body is doing. So just testing TSH and T4 to monitor thyroid health speaks to how much they are not taught.

The worse part is, that once you have the autoimmune thyroid diagnosis of Hashimotos or Graves disease, they no longer check for antibodies because they claim, “they don’t go away”…. Well in the strictly Allopathic world that is correct. There is no Medication to reduce the antibodies.

The only thing that can repair this immune problem and reduce those Antibodies is you. If you give your body the resources it needs it is amazing what your body can fix.

Most providers check a TSH, Thyroid STIMULATING hormone…it gives it away in the name. It’s NOT a thyroid marker, although I do consider it a part of a full thyroid panel as it speaks to what your thyroid is being told to do. So what IS a full thyroid panel?

If I want to check my thyroid function, I check

TSH, free and total T3 and T4 , TGB AB, TPO AB reverse T3, and T3 uptake. I would also love to see a CMP which includes liver function.
**Because POOR liver function = poor conversion of T4 (inactive) to T3(active).**

The standard of care to treat Hashi’s and Hypo is SYNTHROID which is SYNTHETIC T4.
Lets think about this for a second, if your liver is NOT converting because of a problem, you can take all the synthetic T4 in the world and you are still going to feel bad!

So where to start with Thyroid Concerns:

1. Flouride: Drink filtered water and get rid of fluoride in your toothpaste. Flouride is anti-thyroid, in areas where we fluoridate water, we have DOUBLE the rate of hypothyroidism.
2. GLUTEN. Gluten looks a lot like thyroid in the body, and the body will mistake the thyroid for gluten and ATTACK it. MANY are gluten intolerant due to the wheat uses today and GLYPHOSATE sprayed on wheat crops.
3. STRESS. Stress is a major factor with thyroid issues. Whether hypo or hyper. If you are STRESSED, you are NOT converting T4 to T3 well, it DISRUPTS HPA axis dysfunction (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, and Adrenal)
4. Prioritize sleep, morning sunlight, breathing exercise.
5. Get a FULL thyroid panel.

Questions to ask yourself is this?

– Am I eating enough?
– Am I eating enough animal protein?
– Am I working out TOO much? How do I feel after a workout?
– Do I feel energized or tanked?
– Am I on prescription that interferes with my thyroid like BC?

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