Dr. Are is the best chiropractor in this area. She is knowledgeable and truly cares for the health of her patients. I would recommend her, and I do, to anyone!

Kim G.

started going for back pain 6 months ago, seems to be helping .At first going 2x week now down to 1 to 2 x month

Patrick R.

I was amazed after 1 visit how much better my neck felt.

John B.

good experience

Rick C.

With regular visits and some lifestyle adjustments my level of discomfort was decreased. Would recommend if you have lower back/neck problems.

Marty S.

Dr Arn is very good at. She knows what I need

Sue K.

FIRST CLASS!!! from the first step in the office tell u walk out the door. Would highly recommend there service.

Danny K.

Dr. Arn has always showed her concern as a patient. Dr. Arn always ask how I feel and diagnose with me as a patient and calls after a checkup to see how I am doing. She tries to make sure that procedures are a step in the correct direction for improving my health. I am thankful for both her and the team that she has put together for her office staff. I will continue to be a customer.

Frank W.

Very informative and helpful.

Ken H.

A very professional and informative experience. I was very pleased with the information and alternatives I was informed to address my areas of attention. Would recommend this establishment and the care given to anyone looking to get “back” to feeling great!

Larry A.

Always pleasant

Andrew Y.

Very pleasant and efficient staff. Dr. Arn’s ability to diagnose and address just what needs to be adjusted is amazing! I have complete confidence in her.

Lori F.

My body started in a good state or so i thought until Dr. Arn made her adjustments which made my body remember how out of shape it was. I now have better posture and more mobility. Friendly atmosphere with quick adjustments and more informative than any other practitioner i have seen before. highly recommend for anyone that wants to live a healthy life.

Jon R.

My experience with Dr. Arn has been the best decision I made for chiropractic care, my back is not like it use to be and I can move freely. The staff are all amazing and helpful.


Love her!

Trixie H.

very welcoming group of people. Very accommodating for your schedule, and they want to work on the “whole” person—not just a piece. I have appreciated the staff immensely.

Bonnie P.

Awesome Dr. She knows her stuff! Her staff is pretty amazing too!

Micah W.

Dr. Arn has changed my life. I was very sick with a heart problem, diabetes, no energy and hurting all the time when I first met her. Over a year later, I am doing fantastic. Virtually no pain. I do not take insulin any longer. My heart function has improved. I now work for her and sing her praises to everyone!

Lisa R.