It is the combination of 2 sciences: Physics and Chemistry 

Physics: The invention of the Nobel Prize winning Blue Light LED Diodes made it possible to direct photons of a specific frequency that could carry harmonic information as a delivery system. 

Chemistry: Mastery of advanced chemistry allowed 100’s of botanical extracts, medicinal mushrooms, Chinese herbs and other man-made compounds to be combined into long-lasting, stable solutions. 

Bio-Photonics: Allows for all the positive benefits of light therapy to be combined with the healing power of botanicals, herbs and other man-made compounds to address many health conditions. 

The science of generating and harnessing light (photons) to image, detect and manipulate biological materials. Bio-photonics is an emerging area of scientific research that uses light and other forms of radiant energy to understand the inner workings of cells and tissues in living organisms. 



The photon (light) passes through the vials or tubes that contain the botanical extracts and picks up the harmonic vibrations of the botanicals. It then transmits the photon with the 

botanical energies into the body (delivery system). The body then responds as if the botanicals were actually present. 

Michael Thomas (Inventor, Master Chemist and Botanist) theorized almost 20 years ago that if he could pass photons through vials of botanical solutions that the light would pick up the healing information of the botanicals and deliver them to the tissues of the body and/or to drinking water. 

“The body takes Bio-Photonic Therapy energies in just like a plant takes in sunshine. These harmonic energies then go into the body through what I believe are Godly sources; the body knows what to do with these energies and then initiates the self-healing responses”. Michael Thomas 

Photonic/botanical harmonic energies increase cellular communication. The body knows what to do with these energies and how best to distribute them to heal the body. Light and botanicals DO NOT heal or CURE. Rather, the self-healing ability of the body is the miracle; it utilizes supplied energies from every source it can to aid in its healing processes. 



Supports the body in regulating the immune system. Promotes Longevity and General Wellness. Supports the body in management of pain and inflammation. Assists in stress reduction and promotes a calming sensation that can be immediate and can last 6-12 hours. A feeling of renewed vigor and vitality lasting for days. Flushes out the dead pathogens. Supports emotional, mental and neurological well-being.