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How Regenerative Medicine is Revolutionizing Pain Management

More than 20% of Americans wake up each day to chronic pain. Instead of reaching for a bottle of pills, explore how regenerative medicine is revolutionizing how we can bring you much-needed relief.



The prevalence of chronic pain in the United States is staggering, affecting 1 in 5 people. And of the 20% who struggle with chronic pain, 8% have high-impact pain, which means their lives are limited in some very significant ways. And this problem will only get worse as our population grows older over the next two decades.

Until recently, the only solutions for chronic pain came in medications or invasive procedures that tend to make things worse before they get better — if they get better. With regenerative medicine, we take a different approach by promoting healing from within your body, on a cellular level, to help you achieve long-lasting relief.

At Life Balance Medical Center, our team, which is headed up by Alecia Arn, DC, is passionate about finding pain management solutions that don’t simply mask your problem, but treat the underlying cause of your pain for results that will serve you well long into the future. To do this effectively, we believe it’s better to work with your body rather than against it, which is exactly what regenerative medicine accomplishes.

Here’s a look at how regenerative medicine is revolutionizing the way we approach pain management.

Why the pain?

Before we get into our exciting regenerative medicine, let’s take a look at the myriad health issues that Americans struggle with on a daily basis.

Of course, pain is part and parcel of the human condition and can arise from anything from a stubbed toe to a broken arm. But the pain that stems from chronic and degenerative conditions is an entirely different beast — and one that has been very difficult to treat.

The most common causes of chronic pain include:

• Arthritis
• Fibromyalgia
• Degenerative disc disease
• Neuropathy
• Injuries that didn’t heal properly
• Poor posture

Of course, there are many other health issues that can lead to nagging pain, but these represent the primary culprits behind chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Revolutionary regenerative medicine

Traditionally, pain management techniques have come down to overriding your body’s systems with medications or interventional techniques like invasive surgery. But regenerative medicine takes a more complementary approach by working with your body to repair, regrow, or replace damaged cells and tissues.

To achieve this lofty goal, we turn to one of nature’s most powerful tools — mesenchymal stem cells. These remarkable cells are the building blocks from which all other cells are formed, thanks to their multipotent nature. What this means is that mesenchymal cells have the amazing ability to become other cells and then multiply as that cell.

Each of us has stem cells in our bodies, but they aren’t as potent as they were in embryonic development when the cells set to work to build a human life. Through our regenerative medicine practices, we provide you with mesenchymal stem cells that are harvested from donor cord tissue from the birth of live, full-term healthy babies that were pre-screened and
pre-approved for the process.

Not only do these tissues contain mesenchymal stem cells, but also other powerful regenerative tools, such as:

• Cytokines
• Proteins
• Growth factors
• Scaffolding properties

When we introduce these regenerative resources into your damaged tissue, they work in concert to provide the ideal healing environment. In fact, this regenerative boost also calls upon the resources that already exist within your own body to further promote healing and repair.

Because we’re working with natural resources, it may take some time for your damaged tissues to respond — usually 12 weeks. But the wait is well worth it as you regain pain-free movement and your quality of life.

To explore how regenerative medicine can help with your pain, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 815-389-7911. Or you can use our online scheduling tool to request an appointment.  Life Balance Medical is here to help you!

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