Our Custom Orthotics Reduce Pain in Your Back, Hip, Knee, Ankles, and Feet

When you struggle with back, hip, knee, and foot pain, you may be surprised to learn that custom-made foot orthotics can bring immediate relief. And what’s better than custom-made foot orthotics that you get to wear just minutes after we make them for you in our office?

At Life Balance Medical Center in Roscoe, Illinois, we’re always on the lookout for the latest technology to support your health and wellness. To that end, Alecia Arn, DC, and our team offer the revolutionary ProTech Light Orthotics® by PowerStep®. These custom, ready-in-minutes foot orthotics provide extra comfort for your feet and can also help reduce ankle, knee, hip, and back pain. Discover how your whole body can benefit from these unique custom foot orthotics. 

Common foot problems

The biomechanics of walking — your gait — is quite complex. Chances are, if you have pain in your ankles, knees, hips, or even your lower back, the way you walk is part of the problem. When you correct common gait issues with custom foot orthotics, you not only get more comfortable feet and more cushioning support for your shoes, but you get pain relief in your leg joints, too. 

Foot pronation, or having flat feet, is a common problem for many adults that leads to gait issues. Flat feet are less shock-absorbent than feet with normal arches, sometimes making it more painful when you walk. 

Surprisingly, foot pronation can cause pain that goes far beyond your feet. It can lead to foot, knee, hip, and lower back problems and may even lead to neck pain. Shin splints are more common for people with pronated feet, as are plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. 

How your body benefits from custom orthotics

Because your feet support the weight of your entire body and carry you from place to place every day, it only makes sense that if you have musculoskeletal problems, they could very well begin in your feet. Custom orthotics provide the support you need to help improve your gait and relieve pressure on your ankles, knees, and hip joints. 

Your new orthotics provide relief from common foot conditions, including:

And, your orthotics should be comfortable enough to wear every day. 

Not all orthotics offer the same support

Custom foot orthotics are different from the shoe inserts you buy in the grocery store or drugstore because custom orthotics are made to address your individual foot mechanics. Store-bought orthotics can provide some extra cushioning for any feet, but they don’t give you the exact type of support you need like custom orthotics can.

ProTech Light Orthotics take custom orthotics to the next level in that you no longer have to wait to have them manufactured and sent back to our office. Instead, Light Orthotics uses a safe ultraviolet technology to mold a flexible, light-curing composite material directly to your foot. This means it accurately conforms to the nuances of your particular foot and provides support exactly where you need it most. 

In just about five minutes, you can have a set of new, lightweight orthotics. ProTech Light Orthotics are designed for shock-absorption with extra flexibility for comfort so you can wear them for long periods of time. ProTech Light Orthotics are up to 50% lighter than traditional custom orthotics and are made from breathable materials to keep your feet even more comfortable. 

If you have unstable ankles, flat feet, or back pain, it may be time to take a look at the source of your problem — in your shoes. To learn more about ProTech Light Orthotics and to schedule a consultation, give us a call at 815-201-5008, or request an appointment online. You can wear your new orthotics home the very same day.

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